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KAYO*AIBAKayo Aiba was born in Sep. 1973, at Tokoname, Aichi, Japan.
While a junior high school student, she met an art teacher who encouraged her to pursue her passion for illustration.
Kayo decided to make illustration her career when she was told “If you like to illustrate, you can choose the design course path instead of the general course”. She majored in graphic design in both high school and college. After college graduation, Kayo wavered between a career as a designer or as an illustrator.
Finally, she resolved to create her own style as a professional illustrator, by exploring various forms of illustration and by devoting herself to her drawing. Around that time, she also worked at a design bureau which produced various posters and advertisements. In 1999, she began working as a professional illustrator.
Wanting to launch a kawaii (lovely) women theme, Kayo experimented with various materials, and finally began to use thread effectively (previously, she had drawn with Japanese ink). Using a sewing machine, Kayo draws lines with threads in a wide variety of colors. This technique has allowed her to create works that are distinctly different from paintings. In her sewn creations, there is a perfect harmony between the feminine images and the warmth and quality of the threads, giving a spiritual comfort to those who view her work. Kayo's works can truly be enjoyed by everybody.
Awards, etc.
1999~  :  It always displays at Hair Salon PASM
1999  :  Won the prize in 3.3㎡ graphic art 14th exhibition
1999  :  The first solo show Lovely 2000 at ART LABORATORY ROCKET
2000  :  Won the prize in The Choice 110th Exhibition
2000  :  Took part in Watch 2001, a charity event planned by RECRUIT
2001  :  Won the prize in the annual The Choice Awards
2001  :  Took part in Happy Umbrella 200, a charity event planned by RECRUIT
2001  :  Kayo Aiba Collection at ESTEE LAUDER boutique, Odakyu Department at Shinjyuku
2002  :  Took part in TAKO KAITO, a charity event planned by RECRUIT
Feb.,2003  :  Lovely 2003 at Gallery House MAYA, at Gaienmae
Apr.,2003  :  Received an award in the advertising category at the Society of Illustrators 45th Annual Exhibition
Apr.,2003  :  Awarding ceremony of NY Society of Illustrators 45th Exhibition
Jun.,2003  :  The NY Society of Illustrators Japanese member work exhibition Nippon
Jun.,2003  :  The first solo show in N.Y., KAYO AIBA at Hiroko's Cafe at SOHO
Aug.,2003  :  NIPPON, the returning exhibition in the country at Tokyo, Osaki Mistumura Art Plaza
Feb.,2004  :  KAYO AIBA Exhibition at Ginza Art Space
Aug.,2004  :  Took part in Shinjuku park Tower gallery, the small small big exhibition
Sep.27,-Oct.8, 2004  :  NY Society of Illustrators Japanese Member Group Show, Calendar Exhibition, carendae=the day which called the moon, at Oosaki, Mitsumura Art Plaza
Oct.4, 2004  :  Exhibition at Excellent Beauty Museum at New Miyako Hotel in Kyoto. GUEST with : Masa Ootake, director of Shiseido Beauty Creation Laboratory and Tadao Arai, a Hair stylist
Dec.10,-26, 2004  :  Took part in Original Label of Match & Matchbox Art Exhibition vol.4, at The Gallery OPA
Jan.1,-Feb.4, 2005  :  Took part in JEANS SHOP GINZA, a charity event planed by RECRUIT
Advertisement, etc.
Shirts Bakka  :  Original shirts embroidered with Kayo's illustration were sold at Ebisu, Shirts Bakka shop
ESTEE LAUDER  :  pure color lip, advertisement on magazine
Tied up on magazine with ESTEE LAUDER's new products such as idealist, vitamin rich bar, light sauce,
Thank you letter for customers (for four seasons) since 2001
Birthday card for customers
Wish academy  :  School of Overseas study & English conversation.
Illustration on coasters for its advertisement
Elleseine  :  Experience report & illustration for advertisement on magazine about beauty treatment on legs
POLA daily cosmetics  :  Cover illustration on the Catalogue of new products and all the products in spring, autumn, 2003
B-Gram Records  :  ZARD com. 2000, concert poster, postcard, T-shirts, and Jacket
ZARD 10th ANNIVASARY, mark (spring & winter)
MORINAGA & Co.,Ltd  :  WEIDER FUNCTION, advertisement on magazine, leaflet
The Museum of Modern Arts, Saitama  :  Enjoy Modern Design with Children, poster, leaflet, and ticket
Hodaka Co.,Ltd  :  Illustration for promotion
PASM  :  X'mas card, Summer greeting card, display in the salon
GENIC  :  A hair color plaza. Package illustration on Treatment Hair Colour,
Advertisement for the hair conditioner; signaturize
Amazone  :  X'mas card
FAIR LADY  :  Visual set for the hair salon's opening campaign
Pas de deux(SKY)  :  Visual set for the hair salon's opening campaign
Esquisse  :  Visual set for the hair salon's opening campaign
Others  :  Visuals for many hair salons'advertisement
Nissen Co.,Ltd  :  Serial illustration on cover on quarterly journal for customers,Purich in spring 2005 (edited & designed by Aleph Zero Co.,Ltd)
Sony Magazines  :  Book design & illustration (designed by Shouichi Suzuki) on Re★start from Thirties, written by Yukiko Kishimoto
Book design & illustration (designed by Shouichi Suzuki) on Thirties is the Best Season for Women, written by Yukiko Kishimoto
Design (binding) of Isabel's Everyday is Happy, written by Isabel Rosada (designed by Masakazu Suzuki)
F*mode Co.,Ltd  :  Ren'ai-Sankenjin edited by Yasushi Akimoto, cover illustration of the paperback, Aug.,2004 on sale
Gentosha  :  Gentosha Web Magazine, cover illustration in 2004, from February to August, for 12 times
Bessatsu Takarajima  :  Remedy by Warming Up the Body -40℃ Water is Good for Your Health- cover illustration
Mikasa Shobo  :  How to Get Over -When You Want to Cry- written by yumi Yoshimoto. Book design & illustration
Seishun Publishing  :  A Common Denominator of Reserved Women Who We Want to See Again, written by Tomoko Imai. Book design illustration
Joho Center Publishing  :  Love Affairs Not For Marriage So As to be Women, written by Souzou Araki. Book design & illustration (designed by Susumu Kawashima)
Japan Typography Associaton  :  Typographics ti: No. 216, October, cover illustration (designed by Kouji Mizutani)
Magazine, etc.
Shueisha  :  BAILA:the October issue in 2004, Illustration on Common Sense on Washing and Cleansing Your Face
nonno:No.8(April 5th)-No.13(June 20th) in 2005, Serial of illustration on the page of fortune telling
nonno:the June issue in 2004, Want to Cry with Pure Love illustration
MORE:the June issue in 2004, No.324. Illustration tied up with ESTEE LAUDER
Portal site of Shueisha, s-woman.net illustration on greeting card (November 2003-February 2004)
BAILAthe September issue in 2003, Illustration on a feature article on bags and shoes
kodansha  :  FR@U:the October issue in 2004, Illustration on a feature article, 3 Minutes to be Beautiful
VoCE:the July issue in 2000, Illustration on a feature article, Be a Sleeping Beauty!
with:the December issue in 2002, Illustration on a feature article, the Forefront of Stopping the OL Habit
Hachette Fujingaho  :  25ans:the March issue in 2005, tied up with Helenarubinstein, illustration on a feature article, Anatomische Tabellen
25ans:the February issue in 2005, Illustration, tied up with KANEBO ECM
25ans:the January issue in 2005, Illustration, tied up with KANEBO
25ans:the October issue in 2004, Illustration, tied up with KANEBO LISSAGE
25ans:the September issue in 2004, Illustration on a feature article, 110 hints to be beauty
25ans:the August issue in 2004, Illustration on a feature article, Luxurious Life with Face without Make-Up
25ans:the May issue in 2004, Illustration, tied up with ESTEE LAUDER
Shogakukan Inc.  :  BITEKI:the April issue in 2005, Illustration on a feature article Common Sense of Beauty
BITEKI:the December issue in 2004, Illustration on a feature article FIBROID
MAGAZINE HOUSE  :  anan:the April issue in 2003, Illustration advertising DHC's aroe beauty set
anan extra number featuring fortune telling, Illustration on astrology
anan, Illustration and report for esthetique in TBC
OMRON Corp.  :  Illustration of an artist frame in OkaoNet, one of cellular phone services
F*mode Co.,Ltd  :  Design of main character in Ren'ai Sankenjin in the official site of i-mode
Japan Natural Laboratories  :  LA MENTE Beauty Magazine, main illustration in winter 2002, and in spring & summer 2003
Works Corporation  :  DTP World:August issue in 2002, main illustration in the feature article, item of design
elleseine  :  Report of the experience of leg's being lean, experience coverage & illustration
The Japan Magazine Advertising Association  :  Magazine Advertising:March issue in 2001, cover illustration
Recruit Co.,Ltd  :  VIVACO spring:Safeguard OL's Skin against Spring Sun, main illustration
Zexy:Bridal fair book, cover and main illustration
Shiba Park Publishing  :  Saita:Contrex-Secret Water Diet, cover illustration and illustration
Saita:Loose Six Pounds in a Bath!, cover illustration and illustration
Saita, illustration tied up with Asahi Soft Drinks Co.,Ltd
Fancl Website  :  SUTEKI na Diet, Illustration on a top page
Seyfert  :  Request QJ, illustration tied up with Seyfert
Others  :  VoCE(kodansha), MAPLE(Shueisha), etc.
Brother Industries,Ltd.  :  fifi:a journal for customers, spring 2004, Interviewed on the article, Handmade Work has Unlimited Possibilities
Nippon Television Network Corporation  :  Popular Japanese illustrator in N.Y., in Asaichi 430, broadcast on May 23rd 2003. (interviewed at her show place in NY)
Creek & River Co.,ltd.  :  Director's Magazine a magazine for creators, the December issue in 2002, Interviewed on the feature article my studio
VOGUE (Website)  :  February 2001. Culture interview
Kayo Aiba~the world around me~
Illustration No.133  :  presentation of newcomer · fresh ground of veteran
Wanna be an illustrator! (DOBUNSHOIN)  :  Kayo Aiba, Works
Guardian Garden
 :  Introduction of Entries for 3.3㎡ Exhibition
Illustration No.122  :  THE CHOICE, judgement by Miyuki Morimoto
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