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Kayo Aiba colection
Reception Party (May 15, 2003)

A reception party was held before Kayo's first solo show in SOHO. In Chelsea, N.Y., many newspaper reporters, fashion designers, artists and clients were invited to this party.
Kayo's works were exhibited and sold at in modern architectural setting ---- the party was a great success.

A major Japanese TV station (NTV) came to interview Kayo after noting an article about her solo show in a free newspaper for Japanese in N.Y.
She was interviewed on TV at the reception party, and this interview was later broadcast in a news program in Japan. (May 23, 2003)

Hiroko's Cafe in SOHO (May 16, to Jun. 15, 2003)
After the reception, Kayo transferred her show from Chelsea to the Cafe gallery in SOHO. Her works were exhibited in a fine cafe run by a Japanese owner. Many people stopped by, being attracted to the large-scale work displayed in front of the cafe. Although this was the first time for Kayo to present a solo show in N.Y., she received considerable recognition.

Society of Illustrators 45th Exhibition GALA (Apr. 4, 2003) & Asian Exhibition (Jun. 12 to 25, 2003)
Kayo had received an award in the advertising category at the Society of N.Y.Illustrators 45th Annual Exhibition, for her commissioned illustration for Estee Lauder's direct mail for customers.
This led her to travel to the awards ceremony in America, where she was thus able to also hold her solo show in June in SOHO. Around this time, she also submitted her works to “Asiaten” (Exhibition Asia) sponsored by S.I.
45th Exhibition GALA (the awarding ceremony in N.Y., Apr. 4, 2003)
Asian Exhibition (Sponsored by the Society of Illustrators. Jun. 12 to 25, 2003)

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